Research Approach


Research Approach

Rational drug design

Rational drug design is a focused strategy for drug development that is grounded on a solid foundation in the basic sciences, driven by the rigor of laboratory research and proven clinically.

Drug discovery technology

At Taj Oncology, our targeted research strategy leverages biomarkers and targeted drug development focused on individual patients. Our targets are selected based on extensive research to understand the molecular structure of drug receptors, the specific biochemical characteristics of intracellular proteins, the unique products of aberrant genes, and the cellular processes underlying the etiology of cancer.

State-of-the-art technology is used to identify the best compounds to hit specific molecular targets accurately and effectively. When a natural compound is not readily found, synthetic molecules that mimic the natural ligands of receptors can be engineered from the understanding of the underlying mechanisms gleaned from previous research.

Functional genomics

Working from the roadmap of life—the human genome—researchers have gained an understanding of the complete genetic makeup of human cells, which has provided a new resource for current drug design. The challenge of functional genomics is to understand the function of each gene and its interaction with each of the nearly 30,000 others in the genome.

Tools are now available to facilitate microexperiments that can answer complex questions about each gene in the genome simultaneously. For example, experiments can identify the genes that are expressed at high levels in lung tumors, but not in healthy lung tissues.

This type of research can be used to identify molecular targets and compounds, to genetically profile tumors or patients, and in the future, to guide and customize therapeutic choices.

Translational medicine

Taj Oncology uses the lessons learned in the laboratory to deliver clinical benefits. Additionally, observations made in clinical settings help to refocus or innovate basic research hypotheses. Active basic and clinical research programs ensure that optimal cancer treatments will be developed as rapidly as possible.

Taj Pharma Group

A dream for new world Anchored in India and committed to its traditional values of leadership with trust, the Taj Pharma Group is spreading its footprint globally through excellence and innovation.

Each operating company in the group develops its international business as an integral element in an overall strategy, depending on the competitive dynamics of the industry in which it operates. For some businesses a focus on the export market remains the priority. For others it is developing a robust presence in domestic markets given growing population of India. And then there are Group companies, a small but growing number, that have global ambitions; additionally, synchronizing these ventures to cater Indian market remains a priority for growth.

Exports from India remain the cornerstone of the Taj Pharma Group’s international business, but different Taj companies are increasingly investing in assets overseas through Greenfield projects (such as in Spain, Germany, Middle East, Africa, Russia, and CIS Countries), joint ventures (in Sri Lanka, UK) and acquisitions.

While individual Taj companies have differing geographical imperatives, the Taj group is focusing on a clutch of priority countries, which are expected to be of strategic importance in the years ahead. The regions are UK, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan.

Dr. R.K.Singh, Chairman, Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited., sums up the Taj group’s efforts to internationalize its operations thus: “We hope that a several years from now we will spread our wings far beyond India, that we become a global group, operating in many countries, an Indian business conglomerate that is at home in the world, carrying the same sense of trust that we do today." We have already progressed on such efforts by our current presence in more than 40 countries.

Taj Pharma Group

A dream for new world Anchored in India and committed to its traditional values of leadership with trust, the Taj Pharma Group is spreading its footprint globally through excellence and innovation.